Five Years of Favorites From ‘For the Record’

From our first post on Spotify’s IPO to our recent coverage of Stream On, For the Record has shared with you many of the impactful moments that have resonated at Spotify—and also across culture more broadly. We’ve had the privilege of introducing you to major company news like Spotify’s foray into podcasting, annual Wrapped campaign, launch in 80+ more markets around the world, and partnership with FC Barcelona, but also of highlighting some of the names, events, and trends shaping the world of audio. 

Spotify has always had a unique story to tell, and our ambition is to share it with you in our own words wherever you are. For the Record, along with our podcasts and social handles, unfurls the story of Spotify every single day for our most important audience: you.

So in celebration of five years of For the Record, we’re highlighting some of our favorite stories that capture the spirit of streaming worldwide and tell Spotify’s story.


More Than Magic: Behind Our 2018 Songs of Summer Predictions 

By now, our annual Song of Summer predictions and results are a Spotify and For the Record staple. The first time we released our SOS predictions, they foreshadowed a summer like no other—the summer of Scorpion. (“Kiki, do you love me,” anyone?) 

Mexico City Is Now the World’s Music-Streaming Mecca

Spotify for Artists tools help musicians find their fan bases in unexpected places. Mexico City is a hub like no other for food and culture, and as it turns out, for streaming too.

What Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ Says About ‘A Star is Born’ and Music Itself

Spotify makes and reflects culture, and our users love to see patterns in what they and the world are streaming—exemplified in this dive into the songs from the movie’s past iterations. 


Astrologer Chani Nicholas Shares How Music Matches Your Horoscope

Speaking of cultural cues, 2019 kicked off a number of astrology-related podcasts on Spotify, with Horoscope Today, Astrology Club, and many more. Completing the roundup were our Cosmic Playlists for each star sign that astrologer Chani Nicholas helped curate. 

How to Download and Listen to Music and Podcasts Offline and On the Go

One of the benefits of Spotify Premium is the ability to download music for later, whether that means heading to the airport or driving into the wilderness. Let this story serve as your guide(book).

5 Questions (and Answers) with Gautam Talwar, Managing Director, Spotify Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing and most diverse music markets in the world. We interviewed Gautam Talwar, our Managing Director of Southeast Asia, to learn more about the differences in music tastes and streaming habits throughout the region, as well as the opportunities ahead.


Spotify Has the Pawfect Playlist for You and Your Pet

Spotify’s universally beloved Pets Playlist campaign enabled pet owners to create a custom playlist for their furry—or scaly—friends by entering their pets’ attributes into a custom Spotify microsite. We also debuted research showing that playing music calms your pet when you leave the house. 

The Challenges and Opportunities in Transforming the ‘Song Exploder’ Podcast Into a Netflix Show

Thanks to streaming, it’s commonplace for media to move in many directions, with movies and TV shows inspiring accompanying podcasts and beloved podcasts like Song Exploder reimagined as visual series. 

Jerusalema, the Limpopo House Track That Got the World Dancing

We noticed that fans’ streaming habits—and their social media use—changed during the era of social distancing. “Jerusalema,” which debuted in South Africa and quickly became a viral dance trend, also went global on Spotify as fans craved to hear the catchy song some more. 


Nontraditional Hack Week Projects Pave Way for Innovation and Accessibility at Spotify

Spotify’s annual Hack Week enables our employees to explore their creativity and curiosity by taking a break from their everyday work to hack on something they’re excited or passionate about. Each year’s Hack Week has a broad, inspiring theme, and 2021’s “Making Space” enabled some members of our R&D team to investigate and reinvent their own ways of working. 

Podcasting Serves as a Private, Intimate, and Empathic Medium for Previously Closeted Conversations

With tools like Spotify for Artists and programs like Sound Up, podcasting is becoming more accessible to first-time podcasters and individuals from historically underrepresented groups. Each day, creators are uploading to Spotify new shows on topics that are meaningful to them and finding a growing audience ready to listen.

Meet the Team Behind Frequency, Spotify’s Celebration of Black Culture, Creativity, and Community 

Spotify is committed to using our platform to foster racial justice and equity and lift up underserved voices. The creation of Frequency enables us to have even more impactful and meaningful year-round programming by and for members of the Black community. 


Listen Like Basquiat: New Exhibit Helps Fans Discover The Musical Influences of the Famed Painter

Our For the Record, Mic Check, and Discover This podcasts and @SpotifyNews socials tell Spotify’s story via different formats and lenses. We were able to go behind the scenes at the NYC Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure exhibit to uncover the musical influences of one of the twentieth century’s most influential artists, meet Basquiat’s sisters, and learn more about the creation of the exhibit.  

The State of Indie Music According to Spotify’s Editors

Groups of Spotify editors from around the world make up our Global Curation Groups, or GCGs. We introduce you to some of those who are in the know on the music and talent coming out of a particular genre and how they curate some of our most popular editorial playlists. 

How Encanto Composer Germain Franco Brought the Magic and Sounds of Colombia to Listeners Around the World 

The Encanto soundtrack with “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” hit parents and children alike—and their streaming on Spotify proved it. We spoke to the film’s composer, Germaine Franco, about her role in this love letter to the music of Colombia and the power of media to transport viewers and listeners to new cultures. 


GLOW Artist Villano Antillano Finds Power in Community, Authenticity, and Being Fearless

Earlier this year, we introduced GLOW, a new global music program celebrating and amplifying LGBTQIA+ artists and creators. It’s our latest initiative to support people of this historically marginalized community of voices and reassert our commitment to equity in audio. Get to know GLOW artist Villano Antillano as well as Arlo Parks, LUDMILLA, Bruses, and Pabllo Vittar

Spotify’s Guide to the Best New Artists of 2023

For the past seven years, Spotify has played host to an annual celebration of the very best rising stars in the game who’ve realized their dreams of receiving a coveted and well-earned nomination for Best New Artist. This year, we released a comprehensive guide of all the artists, including their Spotify Singles, and featuring our special Mic Check episode

Spotify Debuts a New AI DJ, Right in Your Pocket

Our fans love personalization as much as we do—just think of fan-favorite playlists like Discover Weekly, or our annual Wrapped campaign. We recently added to our personalization capabilities by harnessing the power of AI in an entirely new way. DJ is a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you. If you haven’t tried it out yet, take this opportunity to learn how right here on For the Record.